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Thursday, September 25, 2008

Corkscrew How To

Start by putting the hair in a ponytail. I wet the ponytail thoroughly.

Then I goop it up with product. This is the BOLD IT! Gel. See how shiny it is? I worked it through the entire ponytail.

Separate the hair into two sections.

Now you twist the two sections separately in the same direction. See the picture below. I twist them super tight because it will relax a bit in the end and I don't like them to relax too much. You also use both hands because you aren't holding the hair AND the camera

Then I twist them together the other way. You don't have to do it this way. You could twist each side down completely and then twist the opposite way, I have found that for myself, I twist as I go because I can hold it tighter.

Like this.

Here is the completed twist. It just needs to be secured. However, because this was pre-bath and I had to bribe her, I just used a clip to hold the end.

But you can see in this picture how it relaxes just a bit.

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