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Thursday, September 25, 2008


Let's discuss product. I am a product junkie. It is like an addiction. I LOVE going to the store and walking down the product isle. It draws me.

Now, as a disclosure, I do not work for Garnier or Suave or FX or Infusium 23. I am just a mom who loves using their products on my kids hair. And as another disclaimer, I use a really good shampoo on my daughter's hair. I feel like the shampoo and conditioner are the foundation of a good hairstyle, and since I use SO MUCH product, I feel better washing it out with a top of the line shampoo. You would THINK that my girls had terrible hair, but quite the opposite. Their hair is healthy and shiny and full and luscious.

First are my favorite putty's and pomades. I LOVE these sculpting ends and for making them stay where you want them to go. Pomade and the Gel are GREAT for putting in braids to make them smooth and to stay smooth throughout the day. Pomade makes my girls hair, and MY hair look the same after they have slept on it! I use whatever I feel will be the best for the style that particular day. It's just something you have to get a feel for.

Rarely, I leave their hair down. When I do, I want it to look smooth and soft. This little baby does the trick.

I do curl their hair...a lot. This is what I put on before I attack their hair with a curling iron, flat iron, rollers, whatever.

My handy, dandy cheap-o hairspray. I should have bought stock...Honey???

Water. Most styles start with a wet head of hair.

After every washing, this goes in. Including on my baby's hair.

Any questions?

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