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Friday, September 26, 2008

Little Ponytails off a Slanted Part

This is the look we are trying to acheive today.


Wet the hair thoroughly.

Part from right or left side through the crown.

Part from the crown to the ear on either side, I also take the hair that I am not using and put it in an elastic so the stray hairs don't get caught up in the ponytails

On one side, you follow the part and do that into three ponytails.

On the other side, you work off the part and make the three ponytails come off the part.

I then took the elastic that was holding the extra hair out and I parted the hair down the middle.

Then pull the three little ponytails into the main two ponytails and made them into messy ponys by only pulling them half through the last time I pull them.

I liked the way the ends looked so I didn't curl them. I just sprayed them with hairspray and put the bows in.

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