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Wednesday, September 24, 2008


I did twist braids on this, but if you can't remember how to do it - do regular braids. I just think twist braids are easier. If you click on twist on the labels list - scroll down to a post where it shows how to do a twist braid.

If anyone knows how to make the word twist be highlighted & then you click on it so it takes you to how to do it instead of having to scroll & look for it - let me know. I cannot figure it out for the life of me!! Thanks!! Zig-zag the part & do your two piggies.
Twist braid both the ponies (as many as you can get out of one pony)

Remember this messy bun we did a couple weeks ago?
& to secure it - you looped each piece & added a pin to secure it.
That's what you are going to do with each of the twists. Each twist will loop & secure with a bobby pin. The ends of what is left over, I looped all together & added a pin also. There were a few strands sticking out so I just sprayed them to keep them from sticking straight up. Make sure you go around in a circle getting each twist on your way.
front view:

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