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Tuesday, September 16, 2008


I love low piggies on her so this was a great way to it.
Part the hair down the middle (I parted all the way down) & add your 2 little piggies.
I know I didn't do it with this first set of braids & piggies, but before you braid this, do your next set of piggies THEN braid. Divide the piggies into 3 sections, as shown to do your braid.
So this is how I did it. I added the ponies after. The next set, I added the ponies before & it's easier & quicker. If you do do it the way I did, you have to put an elastic in to hold your braid. But if you do your piggies first, then braid, just take 2 strands from the braid & take it to one of the piggies. While you're doing that, the other strand of the braid needs to be held in place, so pin it (I actually put it in my mouth to hold it. ha ha).
Make your next piggies & braid the piggies up above down to it doing the exact thing.
Spray to hold & add cute bows.

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