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Friday, September 5, 2008

side by side braids

This is an inside outside french braid with a puff braid incorporated into it. It makes the braid go super fast.
Part the hair down the middle. Add your first elastic
Do an inside-outside french braid braiding about only 4 strands down. To start: you divide the pony into 3 sections & add the pieces from the sides. Then add your elastic to stop the braid.
Go down about 1/2" to 1" & add another elastic for the puffy braid. Then continue braiding that piece about 4 strands down & repeat until you come to the end.
You can see in this picture how close I started the first elastic to her forehead. I didn't want it so spaced that I would only be able to do the braid twice.
On the last one, I ended with the puffy braid & didn't pull the hair all the way through. I sprayed the ends so they would flip over the elastic. You're finished!!

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