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Friday, September 26, 2008

They look like squares in her hair...

I've done too many criss-cross stuff lately so I wanted something different. I got today's idea from when I did this:
So this is what it looks like without the crossies in it
Part the hair right down the middle. Then take your first section & add your elastic.
Add your second section & before adding the elastic, grab a small piece from the first section & cross it over. Add your elastic.
Do a second row, repeating.
You all know I love to mirror what's on top. So I did the underneath the same (2 times)
Bring it all to the middle to make your 2 piggie tails. Remember to bring a piece across on this one too.
Curl the pony tails & spray to hold. Add your cute bows & you are done!!
back view:

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