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Wednesday, September 3, 2008

My Version of Messy Buns

I've had a few requests to show how I do my messy buns. There are different ways you can do it but I think this looks best & is SO fast.

Do your pigtail/pony tail. Don't pull the hair all the way through so it looks like a loop.
I scrunch up all of the hair into a ball with my hands.
Wrap your rubber band around it. I wrap the elastic twice so it is VERY easy to come out (it really isn't hard to get out). Now that her hair is getting so long, I usually have to do 2 different rubberbands around the messy bun so it stays close together & isn't so HUGE. But if your girlie's isn't as long, you should just need one.
Tug at some strands to make the messy bun look even.
Spray to hold & that's it!! Easy, right?
I do do it differently once in awhile, but this is what I usually resort to. If you have a way you do your messy buns & would like to share with all of us, email me step by step instructions & we'll post it for everyone to see.

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