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Thursday, September 4, 2008

Cross-over Puffy Braids

This is just like doing 2 side by side puffy braids, but you're going to do them at an angle this time so that they cross.
I started by parting the hair into 4 sections. Pull back & clip the top left & bottom right to keep them out of the puffy braid. What's out of the elastic is going into 1 puffy braid Start to put your elastics in. Remember to go at an ANGLE. In order for that, I slanted my part aiming toward her ear for the first few, instead of going straight down.
Go all the way down, keeping that same angle even with the others.
Now, do the other side just like the right side: slanting each part & making an angle with the elastics. When I got to the path where they cross-over, I added a very small chunk of hair from the other side so it looked like an easy transaction.
I didn't pull her hair all the way thru on the last elastics. Spray so the ends go over the elastics & you're done. I tried to put some cute bows in - but it didn't look so cute. You could try & see if it looks better in your girlie.
front view

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