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Friday, September 12, 2008

the RESULTS from yesterdays braids

I SO wished I braided all the way to the ends - but atleast the top part looks cute, right? I gave her a bath this morning without getting her hair wet at all.

When I took the braids out, I applied polmade all over so it wasn't so frizzy & didn't have that slept on look. I wanted her bangs to be out of her face - so this is what I did:
If you want to do "laces" like she has this is what I did:
Do them CLOSE together. Notice how small my chunks are. Part the hair straight down the middle & add your 2 elastics. Cross the ponies over & add your next 2 elastics.
Go as far down as you would like. I think this would have been easier if her hair was damp (not frizzy) but it still turned out okay.
I curled the ends of her hair with a curling iron...still wishing I braided further down. Oh well:)
I sprayed her hair with hair spray to keep the cute wave. This was such a time saver & I probably could have let her gone another day sleeping in the braids.

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