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Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Tuesday's Quickie

I know this doesn't look like a quick do, but it really is. & it is SUPER easy. If you want it to be even faster, cut the zig-zag part & go for a straight part. I personally think a zig-zag is faster (once you've done it a few times) because it doesn't have to be perfectly straight. This took me about 5 minutes to do!!

Start by zig-zaggin' the part & add two ponies at the top.
Continue going down with the zig-zag part. (Hint: whenever I do this part, I zig-zag all the way down, pushing the hair to the side it will go on as I go. Then I just grab the left side & do a loose pony, without even brushing it yet. That way, none of the part from the left will get into the pony on the left. Then I go to the right pony & comb it smoothly into the pony. Now, go to the left side & do the same thing.) Make sure you criss-cross the two ponies on top & add them into your ponies.
You could just braid these if you wanted to. But a twist braid it much faster, if you know how to do it. Working on one pony: divide it in half. Twist each of the halves & then begin twisting them around each other, making sure you continue to also twist each piece, otherwise, when you put the rubberband in- it will just go straight. Twisting it as you go is the key. I didn't pull the hair all the way thru. Spray the ends a little so it looks like you curled it without having to.
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